Founded in 1975 by Executive Producer, Christina F. Williams.

Service Oriented
Annual Tour of All Leon County Parks & Recreation Facilities to Expose Children to Live Musical Theatre. Offer School Matinees on a per Show Reduced Rate Basis to Expose Students in Leon County and the Surrounding Areas to Live Theatre Productions.

Season of Shows
Over 10,000 Attend Annually
Feature Non-Traditional Casting
Gender Balanced

Board of Directors
Representative of the Community it Serves
Gender Equal

Association of Children’s Theatre Board
Corps of Parent/Community Volunteers that Help Coordinate
Over 300 Young Actors Theatre Volunteers

Coordination and Cooperation
Florida State University School of Theatre and School of Film
Leon County Schools
Area Private Schools
City of Tallahassee – Parks and Recreation
“Career Days” With Area Schools
Cultural Resources Commission
Florida Public Service Commission

Unique Features

  1. One of the oldest independent youth theatre programs in the country celebrating it’s 42nd¬†consecutive year of training and production.
  2. Combines all three elements of performing arts as part of every student’s curriculum with over 400 currently enrolled.
  3. One of a handful of youth theaters nationally to have its own proscenium theatre facility on site.
  4. One of the few youth theatre programs in Florida, not affiliated with a parent or community theatre company, with its own $250,000 educational facility including classrooms, rehearsal space, dressing rooms, and a costume closet accommodating a 2,000 piece collection.
  5. The largest community theatre in Tallahassee, Florida with an operating budget of over $750,000 and the only theatre to be classified as a “Cultural Institution” by the Cultural Resource Commission.
  6. One of the largest theatre organizations known in the nation offering theatre for family audiences that is not associated with a parent or community theatre company.
  7. Only theatre program in Tallahassee, Florida to have received official state funding for over 35 consecutive years.
  8. Only theatre program in Tallahassee, Florida offering scholarships to underprivileged area youth.
  9. Only one of a few youth theatre programs offering troupe opportunities for its students. The troupes have performed at nationally acclaimed locations- on the steps of our Nation’s Capital, at Disney World in Orlando, Florida and at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas.
  10. Has the largest professionally staffed program in the southeast.

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