Faculty and Staff

Young Actors Theatre boasts a faculty of professionals who have worked and trained professionally in their fields.

Tina Williams, Executive Director
Valerie Smith, Managing  Director
Karen Hickey, Office Manager
Natalie Futrell, Afternoon Office Assistant

The Drama Department
Robert Stuart, Artistic Director
Natalie Futrell, Company Manager
Gina Jordan Hupp
Katie Seitzinger
Tina Williams

The Music Department
Alison Grimes, Musical Director
Wanda Rivera-Ferri
PJ Wilford

The Dance Department
Vicky Swezey, Dance Director
Jennifer Drawdy
Wanda Rivera-Ferri
Valerie Smith
Nikki Testa

The Film and Television Division
Gina Hupp, Director
Katie Seitzinger

Technical Theatre
Todd Teagarden
Katie Seitzinger
PJ Wilford
Lea Reeves
Lisa Peacock

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