DSC_0644When do classes begin and what is the curriculum for each semester?
Classes run early-September – mid-May.  The focus of the first semester is on technique and the second semester focuses on performance skills.

What is the length of a class session?
·         Session One – September – Mid-January
·         Session Two – Mid January – May

What do the students learn in class?
·         Students in all classes receive instruction in drama skills, singing for the stage, and movement/dance, taught by members of YAT’s professionally-trained faculty.

Do the students perform?
·         Yes! Performance is a key element of the YAT program. Students perform for their parents in January and May and frequently for the other students at YAT.

When will my child perform?
·        Introductory classes feature a January “Share Day” and a May showcase on the mainstage.
·        Intermediate classes feature two showcases on the mainstage (December/January and May)
·        Company classes feature various audition and performance opportunities.

What if I enroll my child and they aren’t happy?
·         We feel confident that the vast majority of children will love the YAT program; however, tuition will be prorated if YAT is notified of any dissatisfaction within the first two classes of the session.

Do I have to pay for a session in full?
·         If you pay for a session in full, you receive a discount. A variety of Payment Plans are available.

What if I have a scheduling conflict?
·         We have many class options. Please call the YAT office if you have a conflict and we can discuss other options.

What if I am not sure my child will even enjoy theatre classes.  Is there a way to try a class?
·          Just contact our office to inquire about complimentary classes.

How do I register my child?
CALL 386-6602 to receive a registration form or register online now.

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Theatre Etiquette 
• Please do not talk or make comments during the play since this is a distraction to the actors and members of the audience.

• Flash photography and recording devices are not allowed in the theatre.

• Cell phones and audible pagers are a distraction and must be turned off or put on a “silent” setting.

• Crying babies and toddlers are a distration to the actors and members of the audience.  Mainstage productions are not recommended for children under the age of five.  Attic Players productions are designed for this age group and are perfect for children under five.

• Remain seated during the performance.  It is unsafe and distracting to leave your seat during the performance.  Wait until the intermission or conclusion.

• No food, drink, gum or candy is allowed in the theatre.

• Deliberate disruptive behavior (cat calls, whistling, etc) may result in removal of an individual from the performance.


Privacy Policy:  Young Actors Theatre respects the privacy of its customers and supporters.  Your personal information will not be shared or sold to any third party.

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