Zoli Awards

The BEST of YAT!…A celebration of 2017

And the Award Recipients Were:

Zoli Award Winners:
Best Actor- Nate Jones
Best Actress- Camila Calderon
Best Supporting Performer- Will Bullen
Best Ensemble Performer- Fran Lagos

Dedication Award Winners:
The Fran Award- JP Evans
The Judy Award- Emma Pastula
The Elizabeth Hollingsworth Anderson- Jacob Higdon
The John Williams Award – Roy Rafi Nishimoto-Rivera
The Price Award- Sheryl Hamm

Named Scholarship Recipients:
Erica Davey Scholarship: D’Nai Acre
Roy Schmidt Scholarship: Katherine Roth
Kelly Snyder Scholarship: Tyler Jones

Special thanks to Marie Livingston’s Steakhouse for sponsoring the show and catering the after parties!

 The YAT class of 2016 returned to host the 2017 Zoli Awards Show!


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